Leefern’s Victory Scene.

The cannon rang out into the arena as the District 8 girl went limp beneath Leigh’s violent hands. I could not force myself to brush aside the chaotic rubble around me to see the body. I gagged as two realizations hit ─ the tribute of District 8 was only sixteen years old and… he was the twenty-fourth to fall.

I pushed myself from the pond I’d found shelter by, ready to bolt. But as I got one foot underneath me, Leigh stood before me, wiping the blood from her cheek. We stared each other down for a moment before she smiled.

“You okay?” she asked, offering me her hand.

I nodded, unable to speak. She knew what had to happen now, didn’t she? She knew despite our differences and despite our ups and downs through these games, including the secret semi-alliance formed shortly before her fellow allay Terlum died, that now it was either her or me.

“You need to get warm,” Leigh said as she brushed past me, headed for the Cornucopia.

She continued ─ the chilly water splashing under her feet ─ and I hesitated. The whirring of the hovercraft coming to retrieve the girl’s body alerted me to the limited time we had before the Game makers would impatiently force our hands.

Leigh was stronger than me, but I was more agile. And yet, we had functioned as a team before, and I could see no strategy alone. I realized how utterly vulnerable we were without each other. I reminded myself why I was here, why I was still alive, unfortunately; my only option was to fight ─ to become victim to my friend.

I took in a deep breath and clenched my trembling hands, preparing to take my steps to the heaven or hell that awaited me. The moves I made after that moment felt unreal, they felt separate from me as I waded behind Leigh. When she heard my footsteps, she rounded on me, raising the machete. Her eyes were sad for a moment, and I closed mine, holding back the tears of regret, of knowing that I would never return to District 3. That’s when I heard it ─ the hissing of a tiger nearby. My eyes snapped open and I located the disguised animal, floating just between us.

“I won’t fight you,” I blurted quickly, taking a step back. Leigh lowered the blade slightly, narrowing her eyes. She advanced a step. “I only ask that it be clean. For my family’s sake? Please.”

Leigh slowly surveyed the arena before nodding. “If you wish it.” As she advanced, the following events blurred into a lifetime; Leigh spotted the tiger just as it struck, and she fell as it repeatedly attacked. It growled and hissed and bit and tore through her muscles. Her screams were louder than any I’d ever heard. In the blink of an eye a gash appeared down her left arm, the blood starting pouring. I had to look away, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stand here and watch her die… I began to notice something seemingly familiar about this Tiger, I’d seen it before, it wasn’t just an ordinary tiger, this… this was Alfred. Was this Harland seeking revenge? Had Leigh disobeyed him during the games? Her blood mixed with the open water, gasps for the oxygen that didn’t exist left her mouth. The blood was everywhere but Alfred was not about to give up, there must be an incentive to what was happening here. I noticed that Leigh had dropped her machete when Alfred suddenly attacked her. I walked up to it and slid my finger up and down the blade. Should I do it? I guess it would make it easier for her… I mean… short and simple… I walked over to where she lay, closed my eyes and held the machete up to her chest, and before she closed her eyes for the final time she stared at me wide-eyed, and gurgled, “You. Win.”
That’s when I did it… I stabbed her, something I never thought I had in me. I stood there and stared at her. I vomited. I vomited everywhere. I couldn’t even bring myself to walk up to her and remove the machete I’d just killed her with. I didn’t have the decency to do that. I needed to look away but I couldn’t. All I could bring myself to do was run. I took one last look at the Arena, something I hoped I’d NEVER see again.

I couldn’t breathe, or see, or think as I ran from that place. I did not hear the cannon sound, nor did I hear the voice of Mr. Game maker announcing my name to the world. I only ran…
I ran for Rowl, I ran for Mum, I ran for Dad but most importantly, I ran for myself. I began to realize something very important; the motives within us to reach a certain goal lead us to act in a specific way. Even when we are motivated to reach the goal we have set, our behaviour depends to a large extent on how we feel at a given moment. The world looks beautiful when we are in a good mood, and very unappealing when we are in a bad mood. During the Hunger Games, I’d experienced the world at the ugliest I’ll ever see it, I’ve experienced things I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, but now that it’s over… the world starving, no more dehydration, no more fear of dying. No more combat, no more faces lighting up the sky, no more canons. No more Rowl. All that remains are the memories, those that will haunt me till the day I die.

By maadhinnds

Plunged into Darkness

Plunged into the darkness, what could this possibly mean? It’s cold and it’s hard to breathe. The Capitol wants us to make our way to the Cornucopia but how are we supposed to get there in pitch black. Good thinking, idiots. If I stay up in a tree, I’m afraid I won’t have enough oxygen to breathe, but if I head to the Cornucopia I’m probably sure to die. 6 Tributes remain, who’s the biggest threat?
I took the time of silence and darkness to loose myself in my thoughts, you know that feeling where you’re so out of it you hardly notice anything around you? It usually results in someone looking at you oddly and clicking their fingers until you respond. Similar to the situation we’re put in before we go to sleep where our mind argues with itself and revitalizes memories we most likey wish to forget. Yeah, we’ve all been there, but this has been my
favorite place lately. Being able to loose myself without any distractions was indescribable. I began to think about life after the games, I mean there’s not that many tributes left, we all have as much chance as each other. I thought about the big, new beautiful house I’d live in, I thought about the tours I’d take place in from District to District. I thought about the looks on the tributes families faces, would they envy me because it is I standing before them instead of their child? Would they try to hurt me for hurting them? A feeling over came me, something I can’t put into words. It started of like butterflies at the thought of coming out of here alive, but it turned to a gut wrenching squeezing in my stomach when I realized how many sacrifices had been made to keep me here.
Does that make me selfish though? Having my sponsors spend a lot of money to keep me alive?
Having people bet on my chances of living?
Having my own brother die so I can live?
A sick sense of realization came across me. This did indeed make me horridly selfish, what good in the world had I ever done to deserve this? I have a lot of repaying to do and quite frankly, I’m not going to repay anyone for these favors, if it weren’t for the life sucking, self centred creatures we refer to as the Capitol; none of this would be happening, Rowl and myself would probably be with Dad, hanging out at the factory – playing with explosives. I wouldn’t be here pondering the where abouts and worth of my real life. I wouldn’t be sitting here sobbing over the loss of my brother and most of all… the suicidal thoughts wouldn’t be taking over my mind.

By maadhinnds


The canons never stop, I’ve heard 5 in the last few hours. I’ve made my final appeal to the Capitol to stay alive, I can do this. No more alliance. No more secrecy, I am equal. We are equal: equally tired, equally hungry, equally as depressed as the other tributes. How can I overcome the other tributes, bring myself above them? Strengthen?
I could probably start with high protein foods, I need to practice some of my
skills, sharpen the spear I’d kept after killing Maya, better my climbing, my agility. I can do this, I have the determination to win and everyone knows it.
If the floods, stampedes, plants, tracker jackers, elephants and stroms couldn’t kill me.. nothing can.
I need to stay where I am, I’ve got a roughly secure area to stay at high ground.
For Rowl, Leefern, For Rowl.
I can’t wait to go home and see mum, dad and my little sister. I can’t wait to go home and sleep in my own bed. I can’t wait to go home and eat food I hadn’t killed with my bare hands. I can wait, however to go home without Rowl. I can only imagine what my parents are going through, they can’t loose both of us, it’s not fair. I’m going home, no ifs and no buts. Sponsors, all I ask for is some food to help me be strong, is that too much?
I’ve done my district proud, there’s no turning back now.

By maadhinnds



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The Hunger Games: Review

The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross is an engaging film based on the best selling book written by Suzanne Collins. It was longer than a usual film is, but having based it on a book, it needed to have everything featured to please the audience. The movie suggests the overall theme of Government power. All districts come together for the reaping where a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18 .They are taken away and trained before being sent into an arena, with the aspect of last man standing. Two tributes attempt to rebel against the Capitol and they are not impressed.
Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence play the two main characters; tributes that have been chosen from District 12. Both actors do a tremendous job and were perfect for the position. The sets that Gary Ross chose also suited the theme of the movie very well, The overall setting out of the arena matched the book nicely.
I definitely recommend this movie, probably for those over the age of 10 as some scenes are confronting.
overall, it is an excellent movie

By maadhinnds